Eco-Friendly Fabrics

In our knitting factory, which is our integrated facility, we produce environmentally friendly fabrics from recycle yarns in various colors and models.

In our factory, which continues its production with a sustainable and zero waste understanding, we produce more than 10 tons of environmentally friendly fabrics per day.

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In our Knitting Factory, which is our Integrated Facility; With 40 knitting machines in our company, it produces Eco-friendly fabrics with various colors and yarns of high quality.
We produce 2 yarn – 3 yarn – Piqué – Single Jersey – Ribana – Interlock – Thessaloniki – Camisole – Jacquard knitted fabrics by producing 12 tons per day in our factory.
Since we use recycled raw materials in our production processes, we contributed to the survival of 42.25 billion liters of water.
We prevented the formation of toxic wastes by not using 3200 tons of chemicals in the dyeing process.