Haksa Textile Environment Friendly
Founded in 1986 and today the textile industry and having an experience of over 30 years in recycling Haksa, is among the most important industrial companies in Turkey showing active in national and international markets.

Haksa, which has reflected its understanding of quality to the entire production process since its establishment, aims to always achieve better with a modern management philosophy in order to achieve its strategic goals. Embracing healthy life as the most important value, Haksa started off from the principle of sustainable production and switched to environmentally friendly yarn production from recycled cotton fiber.

Defining its management approach as “respect for people”, Haksa strives to maximize the personal talents of its employees and to provide the best service to its customers at every stage from production to after-sales service. Haksa continues its journey, which started in Uşak with the knitting factory, which was completed in 2013 and started production, today in many countries of the world.

Stepping into the future with brave and innovative investments, Haksa; It acts with an understanding of profitable and long-term sustainable growth in order to have a strong position in national and global markets.